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To meet the application requirements for U-visas in Aurora, let an attorney help you. Not only are the requirements unwavering, but they require the experience of an attorney who has helped victims of crimes immigrate to the United States before.

Important Considerations When Applying

The most important thing to realize when considering applying for a U-visa is that, even if the crime in the end was not moved forward in court, if the police decided not to file charges, just the fact that victims were helpful, that they filed the report, or that they answered the police officer’s question, and so long as they fit the other requirements, they are able to move forward with their U-visa case.

This is different than VAWA (Violence Against Women’s Act) because under the Violence Against Women’s Act, the person who causes the actual physical or mental abuse needs to be a US citizen or legal permanent resident. Under the U-visa, it is anyone in the United States, as long as he or she meets all the other criteria.

Applying for U Nonimmigrant Status in the United States

Regarding application requirements for U-visas in Aurora, if someone is within the United States, he or she would apply for U nonimmigrant status first by getting a certification from a law enforcement officer, agency, court, or other government agency, certifying that he or she was helpful in the investigation of the qualifying criminal activity. Once that is obtained, that certification is good for six months, and that person would want to file an application within that time period.

The case/application would then be filed within the United States at the Vermont service center. That is where an attorney located in Aurora would be able to help them to fill out the right forms, gather the right evidence and information, and to have the best opportunity at winning the case. If applicants are outside of the United States, they could still file following similar procedures, but they would wait outside of the United States while they are U-visa adjudicates.

If applicants’ petitions are approved while they are outside of the United States, they would go through consular processing time to the United States. That would include an interview with an officer or counselor at the nearest US embassy.

Proving Claims of Assistance for Police

Individuals looking to meet application requirements for U-visas in Aurora needs to provide proof that the have information or helped in the investigation of a qualified criminal activity. It is something that they need to show at the initial filing of their case, and the immigration officer would likely check in with the law enforcement agency to see that they have not withheld their help or their assistance in the investigation.

Does a Case Have to Result in a Conviction of Criminals?

The information provided by an individual during the U-visa process does not have to result in any conviction. It does not even have to result in an arrest. What needs to happen is that they reported it to the police or to another authority and that they were helpful in the investigation. Often enough, attorneys have been able to file for this type of status, even when an individual was never brought into criminal court.

Requirements for Victims of Criminal Activity

For the individual relaying information, with the U-visa there is the concept of having indirect victims as well as direct victims. Direct victims would include people to whom the qualifying criminal activity happened. In the case of a minor, that may also include the parents who are working in conjunction with the police to relay the information that is needed. There may also be indirect victims as well, which could be included within the U-visa or U-visa application if that victim shows that he or she were physically or emotionally abused.

Obtaining Law Enforcement Certification for a U-Visa

Law enforcement certification is obtained on Form I-918 Supplements B. Individuals need to talk to either law enforcement or an authorized certifying official to obtain certification that they were helpful in the process. That could include state or local law enforcement, federal law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and any other government agencies.

Meet Aurora Application Requirements for a U-Visa with a Lawyer’s Help

The application requirements for a U-visa in Aurora are not flexible. You need to have verification that you were of help to law enforcement organizations to apply. Additionally, you must apply through the correct organizations and with the proper paperwork. A failure to comply could likely result in a visa denial. To better your odds, let an attorney be of assistance. Call today to learn more.

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