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Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program Resumes

Family reunification remains a key component of U.S. immigration policy. Currently, the Cuban people are confronting a humanitarian crisis, and the Un...

How To Sponsor Your Wife For a Green Card: Sunday September 18 Is Wife Appreciation Day
Mario A. Godoy

Happy wife, happy life! Wife Appreciation Day is on September 18. Also called National Wife Day, it is a day for husbands to show and tell their wives...

National Grandparents Day is September 11: Do You Want to Sponsor Your Parents For A Green Card?
Mario A. Godoy

Family reunification is an important part of United States immigration policies. Family reunification is the best opportunity for someone to qualify t...

August is National Make A Will Month: Undocumented Immigrants Need a Will Too
Mario A. Godoy

Many United States rights and privileges are not available to undocumented residents. Estate and inheritance laws do not discriminate. In Illinois, yo...

FAQs: What is a Transmitted Citizen?
Mario A. Godoy

I was asked if my child is a transmitted citizen? What is a transmitted citizen?  Families who are looking to bring their foreign-born children to th...

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